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Advancing innovative drugs for viral infections with critical unmet therapeutic needs 


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ViroCarb is working towards a cure for viral infections


ViroCarb is a science-driven biotech company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative drugs for viral infections with urgent unmet therapeutic needs. 

Our approach of blocking host cell’s processes needed for viral replication overcomes the limitations of current antiviral drug development, directed against viral-encoded targets, caused by extensive viral mutations that limit efficacy and promote drug resistance (e.g. DNA polymerase, reverse transcriptase, protease, and neuraminidase inhibitors). 



We are developing new small molecule scaffolds that disrupt human cell processes hijacked by multiple viruses for replication and colonization. They represent an entirely new drug class with potential activity against a wide range of pathogenic viruses.

One of these processes is RNA alternative splicing, required for the expression of specific viral proteins during infection by viruses such as HIV, influenza, Herpes, Adenovirus, Varicella zoster, Papilloma, Coronavirus and Hepatitis b. This process, performed by the host cell’s RNA-processing machinery, generates transcripts that encode structural, regulatory, and accessory viral proteins. Another process involves the host cell endoplasmic reticulum functions; these cellular functions are co-opted by viruses such as Dengue, West Nile, Hepatitis C, and Coronavirus to promote different steps of the viral life cycle including entry, replication, assembly, and egress.

Specific host cell pathways regulate these processes, and inhibitors of these pathways have significant therapeutic potential. This approach can be applied to the development of novel drugs for the treatment of infections caused by COVID-19. This coronavirus is the cause of acute respiratory distress syndrome, currently plaguing the world. Furthermore, proteomic studies of COVID-19-infected host cells revealed that RNA- splicing is an essential process required for COVID-19 replication [Bojkova, D. et al. Nature  (2020) ]




Targeting host functions that regulate viral infections 

Our preclinical drug candidate, "GPS-491", developed in collaboration with leading academics in molecular genetics, medicinal chemistry and functional genomics from the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia and L'Université de Sherbrooke, exhibits broad and potent activity against all HIV subtypes and against HIV clinical strains resistant to current therapies (US Provisional 62/948,672; filed Dec 16, 2019: in-licensed from UofT, UBC & UdeSh). GPS491 has activity against Adenovirus and Herpes simplex and has potential efficacy against other clinically relevant RNA-splicing dependent viruses. GPS-491 shows excellent tolerability and oral bioavailability in pharmacokinetic studies conducted in mice. 

Development of a new class of HIV entry inhibitors 

ViroCarb has identified a novel series of drug like small molecules compounds with anti-HIV activity from more than four million chemical structures screened “In silico” using target-ligand interaction models between the HIV envelope (gp120-V3 loop domain) and the HIV-host cell receptor (glycosphingolipid: globotriaosyl ceramide). Our leading compounds exhibit strong anti-HIV effect on human T cell lines infected with HIV clinical strains (CXCR4 and CCR5-tropic) and multi-drug resistant strains (International WIPO (PCT) patent application, publication date: June 28, 2018, PN 20180179166; Owner: ViroCarb Inc.)

Meet the Team

Mario Huesca, PhD.

Clifford Lingwood, PhD.

Clifford Lingwood, PhD.


  President & Board Director

 Industrial R&D/drug development experience, successful discovery & development of multiple drug candidates

Molecular & Medical Genetics

University of Toronto, Canada

Clifford Lingwood, PhD.

Clifford Lingwood, PhD.

Clifford Lingwood, PhD.


   CSO & Chairman of the Board 

Senior Scientist, the Hospital for Sick Children & 

Professor at the University of Toronto, Canada

Depts. Biochemistry, Lab. Medicine & Pathobiology 

Co-founder of Select Therapeutics 

(successful NASDAQ exit)

Rav Mahal, PhD.

Clifford Lingwood, PhD.

Daniel Mamelak, PhD.


 CBO & Board Director 

Business executive in API, fine chemicals, biotechnology, drug product and CDMO. 

Company Profile

Carbogen Amcis, Patheon, Eurofins CDMO

Organic Chemistry,

University of Salford, UK

Daniel Mamelak, PhD.

Michael Ling, PhD.

Daniel Mamelak, PhD.


  Board Director

 Founder & President, Custom Biologics, Experience building and operating research-based biopharmaceutical companies


University of Toronto, Canada

Michael Ling, PhD.

Michael Ling, PhD.

Michael Ling, PhD.


   Board Director 

CEO at GeneBio Systems Inc. Executive, Diagnostics-Xpert. Experience in product development 


University of Guelph, Canada

Advisors & Collaborators


Dr. Jean-Phillipe Julien

The Hospital for Sick Children, Univ. of Toronto, Canada Research Chair Structural Immunology

Dr. Alan Cochrane

University of Toronto, HIV Molecular Genetics

Dr. David Grierson

University of British Columbia, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr. Benoit Chabot

Université de Sherbrooke, Canada Research Chair, Functional Genomics

Dr. Sharon Walmsley

Mt. Sinai Hospital-HIV Clinical Trials Coordinator, Order of Canada

Business and Legal:

Dr. Dave Valliere

Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson

Dr. Richard Bozzato


James Sbrolla

 RIC Centre

Jay Lefton

Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP


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ViroCarb is a science-led biotech company founded and managed by an experienced team of scientists involved in world-leading research, with industrial management experience and expertise in drug discovery and development of small molecule therapeutics. We have assembled a cohesive and innovative group of collaborators and scientific advisors, world-class medicinal chemists, molecular pathologists, and leaders in legal and business development.    

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